About ESR

ESRhubEA is a regional technological, innovation and development facility that is committed to implement the Election Situation Room (ESR) in East Africa Community member states. Current EAC member states comprise Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. This project aims at enhancing credibility and integrity of Elections in Eastern Africa by strengthening citizens and stakeholder participation in domestic monitoring and observation of elections.

The ESR model of election monitoring provides a viable platform for multi-stakeholder election monitoring. Use of ICTs and social media enable the ESR to be responsive to issues that are likely to impact the integrity of elections in real time.

ESR Hub Eastern Africa desires to ensure there is effective election monitoring by local monitors using ESR model, ESR resources are available and readily accessible to the countries implementing ESR and also to make sure ESR toolkit is regularly and continuously improved through documentation and experiences from countries.

ESR Toolkit Training Workshop

2015 Cote d'Ivoire Elections

Objectives of the Initiative

In Election preparedness, voter registration and voter education:

  • Support the establishment of a community of practice of election monitors that are using the ESR model of monitoring elections
  • Conduct orientation meetings for electoral stakeholders in East Africa to share information and knowledge about the ESR
  • Provide technical assistance when requested by organizations that are planning or implementing the ESR
  • Document and compile lessons learned and other experiences that will improve the effectiveness of the ESR

Our mandate therefore, is to support established and potential ESR partners in the EAC region, by building their capacity to implement an effective ESR and use technology as a tool to enhance the transparency and credibility of their electoral processes while mobilizing their communities and citizens to actively participate in the respective countries’ democratic dispensation.

Our Team